Partnerships and support

To continue to grow, our action needs your support.

  • You are an individual, motivated by the education of children and the future of citizenship?
    • Become a full member or a ‘friend’. Enjoy the latest news, become a contributor, share your skills and knowledge or just support us with your heart!
  • You are a sister organisation?
    • Contact us for affiliation so we can unite forces.
  • You are a business? Why not contribute to help children become the kind of efficient, autonomous professionals you would like to have working with or for you? Human beings with core values and pro-social skills and a cooperative mind. Find out about the ways you can support us.

« If you want children and young people combine care and performance and become independent, balanced, respectful adults, act now and support the Peace Action for a different education. » –Candice E. Marro – PEACE Director – President of A.M.E organisation.

Sponsoring Committee

Our sponsorship committee is in process but we are delighted to present and thank our first official sponsors:

  • Matthieu Ricard – author, Tibetan Buddhist monk, doctor of cellular genetics, photographer.
  • Elena Antonova – Phd, lecturer Kings College, London – Elena is a psychologist, neuroscientist and speaker.  She is Leader program of the « Mindfulness MSc, Neuroscience and Clinical Applications. » She contributes to the « Mind and Life Organization ».
  • Bernard Ugeux – ‘white father’, doctor of theology – co-founder of the Institute of Science and Theology of Religions (Toulouse), author of several books including « Finding the inner source ».
    • « I hope, with all my heart, that this experience will open the heart and mind of childrenwho are being exposed to a materialistic world of consumption »
  • Jacques Brodeur – Edupax, Trois-Rivières, Quebec – Prevention of violence, media education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, Jacques also created ALERT: the Association for Education to a Reduced time screen exposure.

    Matthieu Ricard - copie 2
    This program will help you to feel calmer, to increase your learning abilities, to better understand your emotions and to develop pro-social capacities. We should all wish to benefit from such a proposal! »