» To educate is to trust  » – Theo Thijssen – School teacher, writer and father.

 » To teach is to allow the child to acquire essential values ​​for its development on earth and among living beings  » – Pierre Rabhi

 » The last common core of syllabus speaks about educating rather than teaching … every child can access knowledge anywhere … the teacher’s mission is to educate.  It is about education of the person. » – Danièle Granry – Head of the Caousou primary school.

The objective of this training course is to equip teachers, from primary to high school levels, with the practice, theory and tools to implement secular meditation with their students.

The Peace program in France, as well as programs in other countries, demonstrate that 10 mins of practice per day, over a 10 weeks period minimum, is sufficient to positively alter the child’s general well-being, train his attention and concentration and foster the development of pro-social skills.

In addition, recent american studies led by Richard Davidson, qualitative evaluations conducted by A.M.E and other international references tend to prove that training a caring mindful mind, as early as possible in life, does affect neuro plasticity of the brain, predisposes to learning and to a leveling of behavioral differentiation.

Through a 4-day certified training and subsequent supervision, A.M.E covers core topics such as:

  • How to implement the program within your school.
  • How to communicate with colleagues and hierarchy.
  • The interface with families.
  • The origins of the secular meditation and its application in education.
  • A.M.E Method combining various meditation practices:  Mindfulness, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), brain gym and yoga.
  • Learning materials according to age groups.
  • Self-confidence: convey who you are.
  • How to help children and young people develop fundamental human values and a sense of citizenship.

Practicalities: first training courses scheduled from September 2015.  Location and dates will be posted soon!